Az Bushehr Album

The Bushehr peninsula resembles a whale in the northern Persian Gulf. The climate in Bushehr is semi-desert and warm. The port of Bushehr, which has a long history of over three thousand years, is the origin of many ancient beliefs and customs. The inhabitants of Bushehr speak Persian and their main business is sea trade and fishing.
What has come together in the album Az (from) Bushehr is a free interpretation of southern Iranian music, especially the music of Bushehr, combined with other musical cultures – a journey whose sonic color knows no geographical boundaries – and largely a nostalgic reminder of the melody and colors, the sun and heat, the sea and sultriness, the tranquility and playfulness of the Bushehr region and the south of Iran, which are always with us as the creators of the album.

But how can you do otherwise?

Interview with Salam Riazy, composer of the album „Az Bushehr“ in the magazine „Gozareshe Musighi“ (in Farsi), April 2019

This album is a Soundscape

In an interview with Bamdade Jonub, Salam Riazy talks about the creation of the album „Az Bushehr“.

Album details

Salam Riazy
Komponist – Monochord – Melodica – Metalphon – Mandoline – Sansula – Kalimba – Midi-Keyboard, Voice and singing

Habib Miftah
Percussion – flute – voice and vocals

1. Khalbus
2. Circus of Neys
3. Peleyti
4. DanDan
5. Az Buschehr
6. Mohanna
7. Goli Goli
8. Seen
9. Pineh
10. Minimum

* Year of publication 2016 – Arghanoun Publications

Short music videos from album tracks

Album publications

RooBeRoo Mansion
Photo: RooBeRoo Mansion

Music school Raz
Photo: Participant

Photo: Hosseyn Barbarz

Kohan Caffe
Photo: Seyed Mohammad Fatemi