The body, which in the past has shaped the destiny of a person and their unconscious identity, is today a statement to which freshness, elegance, and vitality can always be attributed. Perhaps it is precisely because we always expect our body to function in the best possible way and possess endurance as well as timeless youthfulness.

Considering the fact that the human body is harmonious and rhythmic, one can imagine that our body is like an orchestra and the conductor’s baton of this orchestra is the Tuning Fork, which with its help directs the various parts of the body in such a way that they achieve their desired vibration and thus come into harmony and coordination.

Tuning Fork Therapy eliminates



Sleep disorders

Lack of concentration


Fear and anger

Chronic and acute pain

Disorders of the internal organs

Blood pressure


Stroke/Brain Injury


Hearing disorders


What is Tuning Fork Therapy?

Tuning Fork Therapy is a therapeutic method with acoustic vibration ability to strengthen, using specific sound wave vibrations to re-coordinate and help release disorders and organize the energy field in the body.

Cell function with Tuning Fork Therapy
The human body consists of approximately seventy percent water. Water transmits vibrations four times faster. Vibrations from the sound waves are absorbed in the body and serious blockages are released. Every cell in the body is gently massaged by these vibrations and retuned, so to speak.
Scientific studies have shown that the vibrations transmitted by sound wave therapy to nerve cells, endothelial cells and immune cells stimulate the release of nitric oxide, which has a vital effect on our health.

What is a Tuning Fork?

A Tuning Fork is an instrument made of stainless steel or crystal, with acoustic purity, a robust structure, a long vibration period and different frequencies. The tuning fork is a precise tool that enables inner harmonization by generating resonant frequencies.

Effects of Tuning Fork Therapy

A vibrating Tuning Fork near the ear accelerates the balance and harmonization of the entire metabolism of all organs that are directly connected to the auditory nerve.
Studies have shown that the effects of Tuning Fork Therapy can be used to reduce anxiety and stress, create balance in the nervous system and increase concentration and the amount of deep sleep to prevent imbalance or blockages. In addition, different tuning forks influence biological rhythms or our biological clock, which allows us to synchronize with natural cycles.

Tuning Forks for the brain waves

Research shows that the human brain constantly switches between different states of consciousness such as delta, theta, alpha and beta during the day.
Achieving goals requires insight into the alpha state, the resources of the theta state and the deep sleep of the delta state.
Tuning Fork Therapy makes it possible to change different states of consciousness. Each state of consciousness has its own frequency spectrum, which can be measured using an EEG.
The importance of changing states of consciousness is that we can meet the demands of everyday activities and tasks in any situation.
To achieve this, I use Tuning Forks to induce/generate the desired brainwaves.

How is the Tuning Fork used?

The Tuning Fork works by slowly creating and using a vibration or a combination of certain vibrations in a person’s magnetic field space or near the ear. The important role of the hearing organ is the transmission of sound waves to the nervous system, which affects the function of the main organs of the body.

Resonance of the Tuning Forks

Our nervous system is activated by the vibrating sound of the Tuning Fork. When the body is exposed to vibrations, a positive or negative resonance frequency is generated, depending on the type of source, which can influence the fine structure of the body’s cells. Body cells react to certain frequencies. When the cells are healthy or, in other words, in the ‘desired state’, they reflect the vibrations, similar to the tuning fork.

Tuning Fork and Skin

Tuning Fork Therapy has a completely gentle effect, so there is no damage to any part of the skin or body.
The vibrations of the Tuning Fork are absorbed by the body and release serious blockages.


Duration: 50 min.
Price: 70€
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* Music therapy works in conjunction with medical examinations and treatments, but do not replace them.

Creating Sounds & Vibration


Harmony of the mind, body and psyche
Vitality & well-being
Basic trust in creation & beauty


Everything is in vibration

Vibration and frequency can be considered as the basis for any movement or rotation. Nowadays, there are many vibrations and frequencies such as very loud noises and ultraviolet rays around us that can harm and disturb our nervous system. Sounds from any source can be beneficial or harmful to our health.


Self-therapy is our goal and we activate our health with music. Our body and psyche send us messages in the form of disorders.
Do you want to relieve the pressure and integrate new skills in your everyday life?
Then, when you want to rest, you can give yourself an hour’s break while touching and listening to powerful, delicate instruments, healing sounds and useful vibrations. After this experience you will feel better.

Modern music therapy deals with the topic of vibration