Salam Riazy

Music- & Sound Therapist
Composer & Poet

In my work, I combine different music traditions, therapy concepts and philosophies to enable a new approach to being human with the help of music.


English section of my website updated

Hello dear,The English section of my website has been completed and updated. On this website I...

Music is for healing

Music is for healing, not for hangingسایر پست‌ها

Post-Orientalism 1st Festival

Post-Orientalism1st Festival of Arts Nowruz Nr. 10 Salam Riazy - The Plays of Ehsan...

Congratulations on World Music Therapy Day

Hello,Congratulations on World Music Therapy Day Today, 1. March. 2024 I am Salam Riazy, a music...

Twenty years of vegetarianism

I have a good feeling about it Plants can produce sound waves at relatively low frequencies of...

My garden

 Dedicated to Ali Dayyeri who wished that his poets could become lyrics. Instruments:melodica,...


Self-therapy is our goal and we activate our health with music. Our body and psyche send us messages in the form of disorders.
Do you want to relieve the pressure and integrate new skills in your everyday life?
Then, when you want to rest, you can give yourself an hour’s break while touching and listening to powerful, delicate instruments, healing sounds and useful vibrations. After this experience you will feel better.


(chang = pers. for harp, tan = pers. for body)
We at changeTan set a particular importance to the significant transmission of vibrations to the body.
With our changeTan you can generate vibrations that trigger a positive resonance in the body that leads to a deep state of relaxation. Due to the direct contact of the instrument with the body, a tactile-somatosensory stimulus is passed through the skin into the body. The vibration and sound are distributed particularly efficiently due to the enormous conductivity of water, which makes up most of our body. The resonance can reach every cell in the body and bring it into a new (temporary) harmonic order. The use of changeTan is an archaic experience because it leads us from the here-and-now state to a level of consciousness in which we simply “are” and in which time and space plays no role. When using a changeTan, the human body turns into a “resonance box”; the result is the vibration of the body itself.


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