Between three to thirty words about “music therapy with the culture of health” from the perspective of each participant

N.Z. 66 years old
Who would have thought this could happen! With the music workshop, I set foot in a valley recommended to me thousands of times by my beloved ones. Because it made me to feel good.

M.A. 64 years old
Liberation – Peace – Happiness

R.A. 58 years old
Thank you for the good experience that you have made for me. I hope to meet you again.

N.S. 58 years old
The experience that I gained in these two days was very interesting for me. The intimacy between the people who attended there continues after the class.

M.M. 55 years old
Happiness, health and hope

Sh.M. 53 years old
Music therapy is a new experience in Iran. I have had the fortune to attend several domestic and foreign workshops. My last experience in the winter of 1397 with Salam Riazy was a good and memorable happening.

M.M. 53 years old
Learning and testing without any worries: a forgotten experience that I managed to reconstruct. In this workshop, I was able to give my inner child a chance to express himself/herself, to become who I am, to accept myself and be happy of the curiosity.

M.F. 52 years old
This workshop was an enjoyable experience for me in the aspects of intellectualism, learning and emotion. In summary, in this workshop, I appreciated music more than before. I am eager for the next workshop.

K.A. 51 years old
Peace, happiness, energy, new acquaintance, awareness, awakening and real peace

S.S. 50 years old
Turning toward music to keep calm. Good luck!

M.E. 49 years old
Beside enhancing the sense of hearing, I experienced the increase in the conscious understanding of sounds and voices, trying to “listen,” and producing sound, from within one’s being and with various instruments.
S.F. 47 years old
What could be better than taking good classes like ” release and departure “. Music therapy was great for me. I was energetic after the class and the next day.
S.A. 45 years old
It was so good. I felt very energetic and happy. The cramps that sometimes I was feeling in my chest were gone. I like to share this good feeling with everyone.
L.B. 45 years old
Being with you in a good day which was a new experience for me. Now I’m trying to work on managing my anger. The only thing that I think can be reconsidered is the long duration of the class. Thank you.
B.M. 44 years old
My perception of the music therapy workshop was that we were in tune with all the differences in emotions and types of instruments, regardless of how much we knew about rhythm and music.
S.M. 41 years old
Facing oneself freely and the momentary interaction with others by a sound tool without repeating the previously formed frameworks. Freedom in being at present moment without any must … that is necessary for everyone!
N.A. 41 years old
You have no choice other than dealing with your sorrow, otherwise, life will pass you by and you will be left out of the world, life and yourself … Two extraordinary days became my share of the time. Thank you dear Salam!
A. J. 40 years old
I really liked this workshop. Both of the gameplay and relaxation. After the workshop, I felt light and alive. A good feeling that cannot be described. Thank you.

A.B. 39 years old
Participating in this course calmed my soul. hope to see you again.
J.A. 39 years old
It was a new experiences due to improvisations I performed myself. Before participating in this workshop, I had no idea how it would feel. I hope I can experience it soon again.
M.H. 39 years old
I am glad I could get out of my daily routines and get rid of all my preoccupations. I was just full of happiness. Of course, whenever there is another session I will be the first to participate.
M.Sh. 39 years old
Getting rid of the mental tensions, getting patience, a sense of infinite love, the activation of the inner child and understanding to be at present time. The tambourine and the sound that was coming from the depths of my being made my cells dancing.
M.K. 39 years old
During these two days, I had a different experience of new communication and cognition of a particular subject. This learning could not be achieved through studying, researching and other training.
M.K. 39 years old
During this period, I became acquainted with a new language and tool that validated and confirmed my mental imagery and some of my beliefs about the relationships between individuals, objects and beings!
M.M. 38 years old
This workshop is a return to our most genuine feelings and recognizing them and how simple we can be in harmony with the flow of life and enjoy being together …
S.Sh. 37 years old
I felt good in the workshop. Some of the things that I found very interesting and I want to pay more attention to them are listening and being more aware of my surroundings to see more beauty.
M.T. 37 years old
We have heard a lot and our ears are tired. Now we are standing in the embrace of nature beyond time and in the simple language of being present, we are together, with one voice and in unison with “it”.

A.R. 36 years old
Sometimes in life, you go through places where you realize how good and valuable it was for you later. Music therapy was great for my world and it can be great for those around me too.
A.A. 36 years old
I learned more about happiness, concentration, relaxation, listening, seeing, a healthy mind, spirit without anger and rage, kindness, letting go, and living the eternity in the moment next to you.
B.Ch. 36 years old
A completely different experience with the people I didn’t know before and the spaces that I didn’t know at all … However, we got along quickly! And the peace and thoughtfulness that came out of it …
H.M. 36 years old
It was a sweet and loving experience for me. A different look at sounds and music and discovering the nature of instruments through a journey into our inner world (it was an amazing moment). I can’t wait to see you again.
M.A. 36 years old
I feel extremely good. I named this feeling: being an angel.
M.B. 36 years old
The experience of this workshop is the practice of living and being in the moment with all the resources of that moment and in the effect of vibration and sound colors in simple terms … An important and useful experience for everyone …
M.P. 36 years old
I loved these two days. But it would have been better if the second day had been different. Most of the movements were like the day before. Thanks again
M.Z. 36 years old
Experiencing means trusting and stepping into the land of the unknowns. The awakening of music and its endless waves in the land of the body and mind was a unique happening that I watched in the music therapy workshop.
M.M. 36 years old
Music equals unity. Unity means conforming to the sound of nature and integrating with the instruments of life…
N.M. 36 years old
A different experience in combining nature and music… the mind was becoming fluid to achieve a release… being in the moment and starting an unbalancedness and reaching a harmony … listening…
N.N. 36 years old
Paying attention to ourselves… From time to time, we need to be cared for, meditate, play, be creative, and be happy. Let’s take more care of ourselves.

A.N. 35 years old
It was two special days. Specially as it showed the effect of music’s nature much better…separation from urban space…It doubled our readiness to accept music and meditation.
S.M. 35 years old
I felt a lot of things in the “release and departure” workshop, which was a very different workshop for me. For example: motivation, calmness, energy, freshness, mobility, playing, experiencing and creativity. Thank you!
A.Kh. 35 years old
Different minds, voices, perceptions and emotions
A.A. 34 years old
A new and unfamiliar experience… sometimes I got separated … sometimes I got drowned in myself… I was fluid and present during improvisation …
F.R. 34 years old
New, strange and joyful
A.Kh. 33 years old
Amazingly, we can feel our inner selves and get to know ourselves and our inner states better by playing instruments childishly and making voices from ourselves!
T.H. 33 years old
Two memorable days, full of “instantaneous” experience, “saying/ hearing”, “being active/receptive”, “reconciliation with yourself/others” and “seeing/listening” the world from different perspectives … Thanks to my teacher and friends who were along with me
S.D. 33 years old
In this workshop, I had the experience of a time travel. I was detached and full of instantaneousness. Experience, experience, experience
S.M. 33 years old
It was great and I had more energy and a better mood after the meeting.
Sh.M. 33 years old
These two days brought me a life full of passion, and I calmed down a bit and was motivated to move forward and not to stay idle.

A.A. 32 years old
Personally, I felt very good. I felt a lot of energy released. Improvisations gave me extra energy, even though I wasn’t in a good mood at all. Music therapy has helped my bad state a lot.
S.M. 32 years old
I’ve become very calm from inside. I feel relaxed, even about things that I’ve been stressed about before! I became very strange and deep, and I just want to keep it inside of myself.
G.N. 32 years old
A part of my being, which I had thought it hat been solved too many years ago and does not existed anymore, it has been revealed to me by music. I realized that the anger, which I had always denied, is still here … under my skin.
N.J. 32 years old
Traveling to the inside’s subconscious underlying emotions… A kind of meditation and refinement of the soul with the seasoning and color of the smell of a fog, a dew and a wild and pristine nature…
N.G. 32 years old
First of all, “Salam” himself with his vision, way and personality is attractive. I didn’t know what to expect in those two days. Those two days were the most beautiful moments of my life.
S.H. 31 years old
The turning points of learning in this workshop were the moments that you watched your fears and found a way to play a brave role in the endless land of music.
Sh.A. 31 years old
For me the workshop was very interesting, looks like ten sessions of psychotherapy. It was a transformation. I had no connection with my body before and I was scared of it. Now, I can really thank him.
M.B. 31 years old
The calming sound of rain and the music of nature …

A.Sh. 30 years old
I became obsessed with music. And wherever I listen to my favorite music, I feel the classroom’s atmosphere. I realized that we have to express our agreements and disagreements harmoniously.

M.K. 30 years old
Life goes on like a song. It is much better to learn how to live healthily.

M.N. 29 years old
The workshop gave me a special peace of mind. It allowed me to relieve myself by playing different instruments. I played the instrument any way that I wanted. It gave me confidence in how strong I can be.

N.P. 29 years old
In the circumstances that I have been going through lately, this workshop has been one of the best things that could happen. I am thankful for the flow of this energy that brought me back into the world that is inside of me.

A.K. 28 years old
The group improvising workshop in music therapy was a different experience of being present in the moment through music and a pleasant encounter with music, which it’s chaos and amazing effect maintained and healed after days.

A.S. 27 years old
I had the experience of attending two workshops of Mr. Salam Riazy. In my opinion, each workshop has its own experience and awareness that are followed by no regrets.

A.K. 26 years old
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S.A. 26 years old
It was wonderful. In addition to the fact that having fun in nature and playing the instrument in the group was a very beautiful experience, I discovered some aspects of my character that I had never noticed before.
S.J. 26 years old
I got rid of the heavy burden of negative thoughts and gained peace and a new vision that I could find in the surrounding sounds and even life. Thank you for the experience that you have given me.
M.H. 26 years old
Eventually, openness and health occurred …
M.S. 26 years old
Living in the present moment is an important factor in the value of being alive … Thank you!
A.R. 25 years old
To achieve balance, at first, listen to the rhythm of your body, then the rhythm of nature and that is the time that you can be in harmony with life.
A.M.A. 25 years old
There were moments that no one could define it or tell how it passed …
You have to be present in this part of the world, see, hear and touch …
S.Gh. 25 years old
My experience of attending at this workshop was a feeling of pure peace. It was a release … Absorption of all good and positive energies and basically a kind of return to our genuine beings. 
M.H. 25 years old
Music with “Salam” was a very different experience that separated us from our daily lives for a few hours. We experienced the profound impact of the sounds and reconciled with ourselves in some way.

S.B. 24 years old
The “Value of Life” project was a different experience in my life. Doing music therapy would free my mind, release my body and soul, and make it travel for a few minutes …
S.Q. 24 years old
To improve the quality of life in the best possible way, it is always necessary to improve the bad conditions and make the good ones better; And what a good reminder this workshop was.
M.B. 24 years old
The workshop was a new and enjoyable form of experiencing outbursts and active meditation through the production of sound and improvisation in the crowd for self-discovery and confrontation with a semi-hidden dimension of myself.
P.A. 23 years old
The only thing that I can say about this workshop is release, release, release, …
Sh.J. 23 years old
Music, the soul of the material world is the wings of liberation for the movement of all. The movement from within and without is the same as uniting with music. We cannot make a difference when we are dead, so be alive!
H.N. 23 years old
For me, paying more attention to my inner feelings and their impact on my health was evident (I have acnes on my face and stomachache). How useful it can be to recognize and guide them through music…

P.O. 22 years old
Getting along with earth’s rotation is another earth by itself.
G.Sh. 22 years old
I think about these two days that we all have spent together and dear Salam. It makes my heart warm and I smile. Your “presence” and these two days caressed my soul.
N.M. 22 years old
It was an odd and wonderful event. On that day, all the worries and anger that were lied inside of me were gone. I felt completely light and satisfied …
U.P. 20 years old
These two days were really wonderful. The positive effect of this workshop was quite obvious even to those who are around me, and I felt it so perfect in my relationships… I still benefit by the workshop’s practices.
M.R.A. 19 years old
Excitement, energy, peace, good feeling, motivation, happiness, joy, beauty and pleasant sound

S.Y. 18 years old
In this workshop, I felt complete freedom and realized how effective it is in music. This workshop is also necessary for those who do not play any musical instrument.
A.B. 17 years old
The workshop was great and gave me a lot of peace and good feeling. Thank you for your efforts.
P.M. 16 years old
This workshop was a very new adventure for me, and it seems that it was able to make a change in my mind. A change that will definitely affect the path of my life… Thank you for your presence.
R.S. 16 years old
I really enjoyed the workshop. Early on, the sound of some instruments was bothering me, and I was not comfortable with the instrument that was in my hand, but the more the class passed, it became more enjoyable for me.
M.K. 15 years old
Listen to the music of your life, if it’s tuned, good for you, if it’s not, try tuning. I’m tuned …
A.N. 14 years old
This class made my mood much better and gave me more management on my anger and I kept calm.


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