• Master’s degree in Music Therapy at the University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg (SRH), Germany
  • Master’s degree in Music Composition at the University of Tehran, Iran
  • Bachelor’s degree Kiswahili language and literature at the Azad University in Tehran, Iran
Music therapy activities
  • Certified Neurological Music Therapy (NMT)
  •  Certification as music therapist DMtG
  • Conceptual design of the changeTan, a music therapy body-string instrument, Iran
  • Leading workshops on prevention and health culture
  • Leading workshops on prevention and health culture,worldwide
  • Leading circle of „Journeys and Sounds “ with the project
    „Journeys with Salam; Music in Nature“ in Iran
  • Conducting a drum circle for people with intellectualdisabilities and autism at Communi Care in Heidelberg/Germany
  • Music therapist in assisted living facility for seniors and dementia patients in Heidelberg/Germany
  • Development of the model „Persistence of memory“; a preventive music therapy offer for dwindling memory, Heidelberg/Germany
  • Introduction of „ton puncture“ (phonophoresis) and sound massage with the project “Sound while Journey’s“ in Vietnam
  • Seminar leader of the event Mukoe: Through music to harmony in one’s own body, worldwide
  • Research on „Zār“ in music therapy effect on schizophrenia; An Ethnomusic Therapy Ritual from Khārg, an island in the Persian Gulf, Iran & Germany
  • Member of the German Music Therapeutic Society e. V.(DMtG)
  • Music educator in the con-tivi project: workshop for the 3rd and 4th grade at the International Comprehensive School Heidelberg to increase concentration through music and creativity, Germany
  • Co-therapist for behavioural adolescents and the Heidelberg Rehabilitation Foundation, Germany
  • Internship in neurology, rehabilitation and cancer
Activities as a Composer and Musician


  • Az Bushehr (with Habib Meftah); 2017 was selected as Best Album of the Year in Iran on the website Owrsi
  • Between zero (with Fares Ishaq); 2015


  • A sense of dance and movement therapy (the master thesis of Pia Brockmann); 2016
  • „Affected“ S „“ in the music series „Musik nach Maaß“ at the SRH Heidelberg; 2014
  • „Trilogue“ in the music series „Musik nach Maaß“ at the SRH Heidelberg; 2012
  • Goft Miniature Azaa; 2009
  • Piano Variations On A Theme Of Paganini; 2009
  • Tamrine Akbar; 2008
  • After you, in this city; 2008
  • Barvish Dakh; 2007


  • „Puya- In the Circle of Time“ (by Shahbaz Noshir); 2016;
  • Awards of Merit Winners: Jakarta Film Awards 2018.
  • „The Immigrant“ by „Charlie Chaplin“ at the 14th silent
  • film festival in Heidelberg; 2015
  • „Hadji-Agha The Cinema Actor“ by „Ovanes Ohanian“ at the 13th silent film festival in Heidelberg; 2014

Music Theatre

  • „Spring Awakening“ by „Ulrike Günther“ in Stuttgart and in Mannheim; 2013
  • „La Sibilla“ by „Paola Fressoia“ on behalf of the Italian Consulate General in Hamburg; 2010

Piano Concerto

  • by „John Cage“ in the music series „Musik nach Maaß“ at the SRH Heidelberg; 2016
  • „Improvisation“ for the „Professional Association of Preventologists“ in Hanover; 2016
  • „Improvisation“ in the city residenc Ovid; An improvisation project for instrumentalists,
  • singers, dancers, actors, poets, painters, filmmakers (directed by Frank Fiedler); 2016
  • Arrangement – Songs from „Maalula“ for the non-profit
  • organization in support of Maaloula in Syria; 2014
  • Foundation of a musical project group titled „Etnoku“; 2014
  • Percussionist and arrangement for the „Shagan band“ in Heidelberg; 2013
  • Member of the Sinus research group on the topic „migrant life worlds“ in Heidelberg
  • Founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of the monthly magazine „Gozaresh e Musighi“
  • Music lessons at the University of Applied Science and Technology in Tehran
  • Music lessons (practical music lessons and music theory) for the international cultural association „Kargah“ in Hannovere Heidelberg with „Fares Ishaq“ (clarinet); 2015