Poetry collection in printing:
“barely more empty”
by Andreas Georgallides; Greek poet
Translated to Persian by Salam Riazy & Farrokh Ghodsi Foreword by Faramarz Elahi

“This book consists of particular words which have not managed to come together as lines of one poem, lines which lay daim to a truth. In consequence, these anti-lines do not demand comprehension nor do they daim
hospitality in the space of meaning. Only if the reader acknowledges this persistent particularity, would they be able to suspect how they can unrepentantly break out of that endless forest in which reside the hazy shadows of Being”.
This book can motivate the reader to compose the poem himself; like the poet who has daimed that he was not able to do so. Thus, the anti-verses of the book can be the stimulation for the reader to imagine which are the verses that hide behind the shadows of the words of the book. Therefore, the poet, by having a special perception about the nature of language, he encourages the reader to create a sense of depth about things through a meta-silence, that is to say, a silence that corresponds to a deeper silence.
The book has a direct connection to Ludwig Wittgenstein’s picture theory in Tractatus Logico Philosophicus (1 have worked on this theory in my PhD at the University of Sussex and in my MA studies at the University of Paris 1-Sorbonne). This theory is based on the philosophical idea that language never touches the true darity of meaning. What can sometimes be achieved through this is the creation of those conditions that are necessary in order to have a sense about things, escaping thus from the vague shadows of Being.
1 pause a little; outside my silence, in order to be more silent …
Andreas Georgallides